Let’s Network

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How can I help you to become more successful?

Let’s face it, it’s tough starting out.  I have a network of businesses similar to yours that could do with a friend.  It doesn’t necessarily mean selling a service or a product, it could just be advice or finding a mentor.  Small businesses keep New Zealand going and I love seeing businesses succeed!  Being a member of various networking organisations is also a great way to meet new customers and learn new ideas.

If you’re an agent I’d love to do more deals with you

Almost every lease or sale I do is in conjunction with another broker.  Sometimes from our office, sometimes from other offices and sometimes from our residential network.  I value the discussions, I really value introductions and I really value working with you.

Barfoot & Thompson has about 1,600 agents; what better way to network!

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Run a business? Perhaps someone I know could use your products or service

Let me know what you do and what you sell.  I don’t pester my clients with other people’s products but if they’re looking for someone to do a job, what an opportunity to pass your business card. 

I wish it were all business.  It isn’t.  So much is about relationships, helping out, passing a little information back and forth, staying front-of-mind.

Paul’s Background

Commercial Property

Paul has been involved in the negotiation of sales, leases and developments of industrial properties from small units used for storage or manufacturing, to units of over 10,000 m2. In 1991 when Paul first became involved in industrial property and had to remove his tie, roll up his sleeves and don a hardhat, he knew this was the industry he’d enjoy the most. Finding prime space for industrialists to run their businesses profitably has been Paul’s primary aim.

Project Management

Paul has coached over 300 business managers in Project Management, he has lectured at tertiary level and continues to punt Project Management as the key driver for change in any organisation..