Choosing a Location

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How important is price really?

Rent, usually as a % of your turnover, shouldn’t be the first priority unless that’s your strategy.  If you’re worried about the rent when you’re negotiating a lease, what about asking for a month rent holiday on each anniversary  of the lease?  Asking for it all in the beginning often has cash flow implications for the landlord.  Each anniversary month will be a welcome relief.

Usually you’ll get what you pay for- look after the landlord and they’ll look after you.  Pay the rent on time, don’t disturb the neighbours and look after the property- basic things.

Will your premises help land the next big contract?

Hopefully your business will grow over the next few years.  The cost of moving can be anything from high to prohibitive, let alone disruptiive to business.  Can you take slightly larger premises and sublet a portion or can you take a unit with an option on the adjacent one?  Many landlords we deal with have a portfolio of properties which means if you outgrow your current unit they’ll happily move you around within their portfolio to keep you as a favoured tenant.

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Extra space means extra money, outgoings and overhead, should you sublet some space?

We see so many properties with unnecessary extra space to store clutter; old machines, low racking, redundant stock…

The cost of extra rent plus outgoings, never mind inefficiencies in the operation and flow of goods has to be earned from services and goods already straining to produce profit.  Can you streamline and sublet?

In several cases where business have consolidated and moved to smaller premises there has been only one regret: that they took so long to do it!

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What Can I Find for You?

+ Where will your business perform at it’s best?
+ Let’s get the best price in the shortest possible time for your property
+ It could be time to expand your asset base

If I Was Your Tenant

+ Save costs, hold onto tenants
+ Get them to stay, don’t squeeze every dollar
+ Each $1,000 per annum in rent is worth $16k in property value